September 13

Dreamt that a doctor decapitated someone and somehow put their head through the colon of someone else. She gave them a camera in their mouth for pictures. The head would just wriggle through the tract on its own. The colon was clean at least.

September 10

I was in a dorm room on a campus I've been to before. My family was with me. I don't remember what we were doing but I suddenly hear screaming from outside. It was a guy yelling things like "leave me alone" "i dont want to date you" "i wont date you go away." He sounds scared and distressed. i think its someone i knew (W). someone i met on this campus. my mom starts crying saying people should listen to respect boundaries. i try to get her to stop talking so i can record the screaming, his voice. i go outside my dorm to try to find him. i head towards the lobby but see someone coming in. i hide thinking its him, even though i was looking for him. but it was only my brother coming in.