thats waht he chose over me? some bitch with jealousy ussues? one that that amkes you stop being friends wieht people? you couldve done so much better. even if not me theres no many other better people out. better looking better personalities. so many choices and thats what you wanted. i wish i couldve just locke dyou up when i had the chance. i had ways to ruin your relationship because youre not as loyal as you like to think you are. you were the one with romantic feelings for me not the other way around why am i the one being punished. you said i was a backuoo yet you called me amazing. did i only mean something to you whe you thought about your girlfriend> what am i supposed to feel. you dont dersev anyone. you just keep lying anf amking promises and hurting people yet youre the one who gets to have so many friends and a girlfriend and be happy? bullshit. you dont derserve it. god i wish i jus stab you in the sotmcah and twist th knife aorund and see how much you can handle it. i want you have that awful feeling in that stomach. maybe twisting the knife the right way and it will feel like butterflies. fall in love with me even when im hurting you. ill claw your throat out so you cant say my name anymore. i loved hearing it but you dont derseve to say it anymore. why did oyu do this to me? if someone who amkes you get rid of your friends then maybe i should you. make uou all alone so that you would only have me. know what it feels like to only have one friend in your life. you can depend only on me for everything, from just dstaying alive to talking to. i want to make you all alone. then leave you and hurt you and abandon you when you cant stop thinking about me and need me. illl leave you all alone to rot with no one to find you.

i didnt even want to date you. i tolf you that several times. why didnt youl isten. i just wanted a friend. you cared aboutme for some reason. wht made you stop? i want my friend back.
its almost been a year since you abandoned me. do you remember it all? anything about me or our frienship? did i mean something to you in the end?

do you ever think of me? remeber me at all? or was i forgotten as soon as you broke it off and im only remebered when you diirectly see me? so many people live in my mind. but i dont live in anyones.